of optimism.


The side effects of massive stress relief after giving a particularly difficult exam.


Some times, some days are such that I feel hope touches every inch of my body…I am bathing in the golden sunlight of it… I am young, and beautiful, and talented, and the whole world lies in front of me, packed to the fullest with exciting opportunities…it is literally my oyster, and I am just waiting to burst upon it with glorious splendour. I want to pick up the world, and gobble it up, or let it gobble me up….plunging into the limitless ocean of experience that is just waiting for me. I have my whole life to live yet! Yes, there are sad moments, and bad moments, and moments I have felt that I would rather die than experience. But I have not. I am yet alive, and strong, and healthy, and time heals all things. I would never choose not existing over suffering those moments… The sheer joy of being alive in this person, no matter what has happened or may happen, overcomes all the other feelings, always.

If I died at such a moment as now I would be happy. Indeed, I don’t know how long I have to live, but I will live it with all the luck, and charm, and taste for the beautiful that I was born with.

It is a beautiful, beautiful day, and I am glad to be alive and me.

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