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Flash Fiction Week – Day 1 – False Appearances

Story Prompt: Their marriage was not what it seemed…   Tamoor’s Story (578 words) :  ………..and they lived happily ever after. I closed the book, looking expectantly at my daughter, hoping that she had fallen asleep. She was on her third story of the night but I could still see her huddled under the Cinderella mattress,… Continue reading Flash Fiction Week – Day 1 – False Appearances

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..and I’d just read Watership Down

My electives in the summer consisted of extensive drug testing on animals of all sorts – rabbits, guinea pigs, rats.  The first rabbit killing impressed me most though, and I wrote about it the same day, when it was still fresh.  This is that account, only slightly modified. ————————- They picked up the rabbit by… Continue reading ..and I’d just read Watership Down