Of attacks on educational institutions

I was going to write a post about the new efforts being made in areas of pakistan to get women on wheels, but after yesterday’s attack on Bacha Khan University I find myself too upset to write about anything else. Over twenty people dead and fifty injured in yet another gross attack on our educational institutions.

When Malala was attacked, I was horrified enough to post about it here. It seemed an abomination back then, the Taliban attacking a girl-child and her friends with such aplomb. Little did I or anyone else know that it was only the beginning.

The Army Public School massacre of over 120 children in 2014 was the next major tragedy to befall our children, and it was absolutely horrifying. No one should have to go through what those children and their parents went through. Afterwards, the operation against militants was carried out with more zeal and with a more united if sorrowing nation behind it.

Now though…it seems as though there’s been little done. If an attack of this magnitude can happen on our universities, have we really accomplished anything?

It is easy to point fingers – I, for one, am furious at the army and our so-called elite intelligence agencies for not protecting the most vulnerable amongst us.

But I also feel responsible, somehow. The weight of our collective guilt turns us to frustration and finger-pointing, but what it should really provoke is a good, hard, long look in the mirror at what our society is, and how we are failing it.

So, I acknowledge my own failures. Every silence I maintained for my own safety, every effort I didn’t make in the last year or so towards improving the lives of people in this country, for reducing extremism, every moment that I let slide into apathy and cynicism instead of hope and activism; this is how I contributed to a society where such heinous acts can occur. There was so much that could have been done but wasn’t. There was so much I could do but didn’t.

I wish I had done more. But wishes won’t bring back the dead. All I can do is try to change the future. That’s all anyone can do, all we should try to, hope to do.

See you guys soon.

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