Welcome.   If you’ve come this far, sit down and have a cup of tea.

This is a blog.  I write on this blog.  Mostly about things that interest me, things I’ve been thinking about for some time or things that have happened to me.  I write about medicine, music, books, cookies, myself.  I write about my country, my ideals, my family and friends.  Sometimes about things that don’t make a lot of sense, to me or to anyone else.

If you’ve come this far, I hope you enjoy the tea and the talk.  Because those are two very important things in life.

And I hope you drop by again soon 🙂


49 thoughts on “About

    1. I do! Honest. Well not everyday, but I try to at least every week or so. I’ve got a few drafts ready, in fact, but I haven’t had time to post them yet.

      Waisay, are you waiting for updates?:P Cos if you are that’s a funky indirect compliment 😀

  1. sure 🙂
    i myself so interested to blog out.but i am a second year student,and i am so preoccupied with my studies and stuff.soon i will see to create my blog too 🙂

      1. No blog before a levels. Especially when you’ve got only a couple of months to get over with it. This is a warning. Things get pretty distracting at the end you know :/

  2. hello “bakedsunshine” lol..first off nice username…very cute kind and your a med student? AWESOME! (im not btw lol)…your about page was really nice and “graceful”…its so fun to see how different people type thiers up…and last thing…I LOVE CHAI! haha…i have mine dark..karachi style hahaha

    1. thank you for the compliments 🙂 Personally I like my chai nice and doodhpatti-ish. Like the one in the pic. Yes I happen to have chosen medicine as my line of work. I was thinking of changing the About page, but now that you’ve called it graceful I am temporarily unable to 😛

    1. okay, brother/sister, I just read your about me page and skimmed through your blog and damn I cannot resemble you in any way because that is a spectacular blog and page, whereas I am just a rambling idiot. 😛 Just wanted to clear that up. Anyway I’m very impressed by it and also very honoured to have you here ^_^

      1. ha ha – (I’m a brother) and we are all ramblers. It’s a pleasure in receiving a ‘salute’ from you – and you have won me over (strangely enough) to become a regular here. all smiles indeed

    1. welcome, dr adnan, it is very nice to have you here. I’ve come across your blog via the tribune before, will be sure to give it a more thorough go-through now 😀

      1. Well my posts usually not get accepted on Tribune as I am very blunt and graphical in my replies 😛 …. I posted a huge reply on Tribune’s Facebook Plaintiff’s story. I totally bashed the guy but Tribune rejected my comment feedback ! … LMFAO .. I just hate that so that’s why stopped commenting and now usually read and walk it off ! 😛

        1. yeah, the tribune has a propensity to do that. They usually publish my comments as I’m slightly less vehement than you describe yourself to be, but they edit the comment sometimes, and nothing annoys me more than editing a comment. Takes all the flavour out of it.

          Read and walk it off? You have more self control than me then 😛 its so annoying sometimes, the stuff people write!

  3. well Tribune has been gender biased as far as I have concluded, The comments I made did actually made a perfect sense, and the stuff which annoys me the most is you type the whole damn thing out and then guess what … you get a pole up yours ! .. I kinda hate that … anyways that’s what’s called the Non-Freedom of Expression, have you ever seen the flaring conversations and comment fires on CNN Blogs … oh yeah baby ! … it’s burning ! … but here .. huh be nice or you get your ass spanked ! .. huh ! talk about freedom of speech and bullshit journalism !

    1. You were right about the graphic part 😛 I guess they have a right to monitor their own comments database to protect the sensitive ears/eyes of their readers, whether they’re overusing that right or not is open to question. I guess you’ll just have to stick to CNN if you need to vent 😛

    1. Hey Habiba! I’ve seen you around in the blogosphere, but its a pleasure seeing you here at my blog. You’re very welcome and thanks so much for the comments/compliments 😀

  4. Sunshine ❤ ❤ ❤

    I messaged you on msn the other day to ask how you are and stuff. Guess you were busy 😀

    Just thought I would drop in and say hi 😀

    1. Hi Shoelace! Oh you did? I remember seeing you online but the damn internet was behaving so badly, I didn’t even get your messages 😦 Hope everything’s well with you. Are those pesky exams done with yet? Mine are currently on *gulp*

      take care, and I’ll be sure to catch you next time. 😀

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