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Flash Fiction Week – Day 7 – Combine These Elements

Please note: On account of my laziness, there will be only Tamoor’s story posted for this day.

Story Prompt: Combine these elements: A taxi, an old enemy, and Valentine’s Day.

Tamoor’s Story (396 words):

Ex-inspector Javier dos Santos sat in the New York cab outside Marco’s bistro. The place was covered with hearts and blow-up cupids; it was as if Saint Valentine had vomited all over the building. Javier twiddled his fingers and considered the situation. Within five minutes he would be rid of the man that had destroyed his life and his family, the man he had been searching for the last 5 years.

At this moment he could see Miguel Soldado from the window, enjoying a glass of wine with his fiancée. Was she his fiancée? Miguel had told him that he would propose today, what better time than Valentine’s Day.

The ride over had been a curious event. The man he had chased for so long had willingly entered his taxi. He had talked about his life in New York, his favourite places and his new girlfriend. Suddenly this monster became more human. He knew that Miguel had left the cartel business to his nephew and he no longer had any contact with them but he simply could not let the man escape unpunished

Javier could see the teddy bear with the red heart sitting in the middle of the table, the same teddy bear that he had handed to Miguel a few minutes ago, the same teddy bear that carried his homemade explosive device. Javier once again looked at his watch. Only 2 more minutes to go.

He could see Miguel getting on his knees and taking out a ring and his girlfriend crying with joy. Javier’s moment of triumph was nearly here but he felt far from triumphant. He looked at his watch once again, only a minute to go.

Javier began to run towards the restaurant and picked up a bouquet from one of the staff as they were handing them out to all the customers. He ran inside he could see Miguel holding hands with his fiancée. He ran up to him

“Hi, sorry, this,” he picked up the teddy bear, “was supposed to go to my girlfriend, really sorry for the confusion. Here,” he handed him his bouquet, “you can have this.”

Miguel looked somewhat baffled

“Thanks I guess”

Javier took the teddy and ran towards the door.

“Thanks for the flowers,” he heard Miguel say.

Javier turned as he was about to leave the door

“No problem and happy valentine’s day.”


Final Notes: So we end up with only 13 stories (unlucky?) instead of the planned on 14 but I think that’s okayThis has been an interesting and fulfilling week. I never thought using fiction prompts could be so easy and yet at times so restricting, as this was my first experience with them. Working alongside the fantastic Mr. Mir has been fun and I’m so glad I had the chance to do so, as well as the chance to showcase his work ❤ . All in all, I think it’s been quite an experience and I’ve enjoyed the challenge and fun in writing these stories.

Back to regular posts in the future. See you soon guys!

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