Catching up.

For those of you still reading this blog, Hi!

I love you guys, because despite my desertion of half a year, you haven’t given up on me.


This is a filler blog to update y’all with small but significant details of my life, before I return to my usual pace (hopefully) of frequent blogging on books, medicine, love, life, feminism, tea and other blabberings.


First up: I’ve become a doctor now! FINALLY THIS HAS COME TO PASS. PRAISE THE LORD!

Yes indeedy, I have somehow managed to pass all my exams and am a fully-qualified, if somewhat-hesitant doctor. Medical advice to be followed at your own risk, however, at least until I get some malpractice insurance.


Second up: I’ve fallen in love! With what/whom, you ask? Well, we’ll go into that more later. Suffice it to say that it wasn’t just exams keeping me too busy to post these past few months. *nudge nudge wink wink*


Third up: I’ve been writing interactive fiction! A recent couple of projects have been completed, and I will post about them in the subsequent posts. Those of you who like my fiction, which is on the whole vague and slightly corny (ripe, to use a word a reviewer used) MAY like the interactive fiction I’ve written. Or you may not. You’ll have to try to see.


That’s about all the updates I can think of at the moment. The past year has been long, intensely exciting and at the same time extremely harrowing for me, and I’m glad to have made it to where I am today, alive and in one piece and mostly stable. Some of what I’ve been through will find its way here, because almost all of it was life lessons and good writing material, in retrospect. Plus I have always dealt with my demons and my angels using words, and wordy stuff ends up here, so yeah.


NOT AN UPDATE: Still got that rambling quality, haven’t I? That’s enough for now.


See you guys soon. (and I mean it this time :D)

7 thoughts on “Catching up.

  1. Warmest congratulations, both for becoming a physician, and for finding love! Continued best wishes!
    Looking forward to the resumption of your blog.

    Professor Jaggi

  2. Where have you been writing? The last time I tried it, I was an excited little 13 year old who had just discovered the interactive storywriting feature on Neopets.com…I’d sure like to give the medium another shot.

    1. It’s not really a forum per se, Ali made a website for us to put up our projects, it has the first project he worked on (Evolution) and the first project I’ve worked on (Persecution). The second project I worked on is entered into a competition and I can’t post about it until that’s done with, but you can play the other IF games here.


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