Descriptions · Writing


On the morning of an important day at the end of the last academic year.  


Any resemblances to persons living or dead is purely your imagination.


The other team’s boys looked nice – nice and professional, both of them.  They were roughly the same height, dressed in almost identical two-piece suits, and bearing almost identical expressions of sweating nervousness mixed with overconfidence on their faces. It struck me, as I entered and saw them standing there together, that they could have been twins if it weren’t for their different features, their different shade of skin.

I sat myself down, fretting slightly, convinced that our team’s representatives would not be so formally dressed. And I was right. He was not wearing a two-piece suit, yet still when he entered I was startled into admiration. A shirt so dark it seemed cut out of the fabric of an evening sky contrasted elegantly with the fairness of his pale, clean-shaved face.   His dark hair was combed into perfection today and his glasses glinted on his slightly crooked nose. A handsome silver tie that lay snugly at the centre of his chest offset the deep blue of his shirt.  All of it combined swooshed over me and made it difficult to distract my eyes from hungrily studying him.  The others had looked nice – but when he came in my clichéd heart stopped beating, and had to be thumped to restart it.

It’s a funny thing how the attractiveness of an individual can kind of hit you, at an inopportune moment, even after working alongside them for a considerable time.

Yet while a lot of my attention was captured by how gorgeous he suddenly looked to me (dear god, why now?), part of my focus was on trying to gauge his confidence, on ascertaining his preparation for the role he had to play ahead. I had trusted him to shoulder one-third of a crucial burden; I had depended on him, as on the other two girls, for an effective representation of two months’ worth of effort. If he or they bungled, the attractive contrast of deep blue against pale skin would not save my team.

But he had a tiny smile on his face that the past two years had taught me was of confidence and ease. And once the task began they all performed so excellently that all my fears evaporated. I sat, cupping my chin in my hands, wordlessly gushing with pride and admiration at the work they’d done, the seamless way it all came together. At that point in time I was overcome with emotion at the successful culmination of the entire team`s efforts – but I was also plain happy at the sight of him, the calm way he talked, the superb way his looks and preparation came together to help our team. It was all I could do not to sigh with happiness as he spoke, and jump up and applaud once it ended.

Like I said, it`s odd how the attractiveness of an individual can kind of hit you, regardless of the circumstances. It doesn’t seem to hesitate, even when you know it’s pointless, even when you know the person is out of reach, utterly and completely, even when you know his girlfriend is sitting three seats away from you. It hits you, and you’re bowled over. But you have to pick yourself up again.

Gently, at some point during the second team’s turn, I tugged out the misfired cupid’s arrow, that had evidently hit me by mistake, and I broke it in two. It must have worked, because by the time the other team had done and we all got outside, I was back on earth and he looked fairly normal again.  Like he had for the past few years.

Thank heavens 😛


See you guys soon. 🙂

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