WGW: Critique on the World Bank Report 2012 on Gender and Development

On the 4th of July, the AKU Working Group for Women held a seminar discussing and critiquing the World Bank annual report 2012 on Gender and Development. It was a limited event, with about 30 people in total, including some prominent feminists and economists.

The meeting was divided into three sections, corresponding to the report’s sections, with a guest chair for each. Speakers presented pre-assigned topics or sub-topics from their section.  At the end of each section, there was a question and answer and a general discussion of the material the speakers had presented.

This seminar was exciting for me in that it was the very first at which I was actually invited as a speaker. I discussed (and critiqued, to the best of my ability) the Gender and Health part of the report, in the second section of the meeting.

How this came about: After the IWD event, I had approached Ms Kausar and asked her about ways in which I could be more active.  The lovely lady invited me to the WGW meeting where they had started planning for the event, and consequently the speaking part was assigned to me.

It was Ms Kausar’s confidence in me that allowed me to speak at the event, despite the fact that there were people there who knew more about the topic than I did and who could probably have done a better job. It was daunting to be speaking alongside people who were older and more experienced and confident, but I managed somehow and I was very grateful for the opportunity.

The experience was very enjoyable, from the point of view of meeting so many new inspring people, as well as the gain in confidence it gave me, and last but not least the immense learning experience it was.  To absorb the various points of views and intelligent critiques from the people at the meeting was probably what I liked best.

I really hope I have the opportunity to do something like this again in the future.

3 thoughts on “WGW: Critique on the World Bank Report 2012 on Gender and Development

    1. lol it didn’t occur to me! I want to see a video too, I want to see how many times I accidentally turned around to read the slides off the projection instead of the laptop in front of me -_- heh, I make that mistake often.

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