Um, poem.

Like just about any poetry I write, hell, like just about Anything I write, I have a strong suspicion this is subconsciously plagiarized :S.  But oh well.


Let us gnaw.
Let us quietly chew away
At the ideas that make us,
That break us, that defined who we are
Before we broke the mould and grasped ourselves
And knew naught else.

Let us quietly gnaw
And weaken the strength of those that tower
The buildings that tower,
The structures of greed, of the dumbing of millions
Let us gnaw at these like
Mice at wood
Let us bring them to them to the floor and leveled
Without them knowing
Who what how where why
They will suspect
But they cannot stamp us out
We will gnaw.

Give me not the fury of the volcano
Rising flooding and leaving
In its wake more burnt ashes than altered contour of land
We need more than that
Because rise and cool, rise and cool
Has been the mantra of millions
All who failed
And we stand yet where we are
Because the contour of time can change, will change,
But only from within.

I do not know
What will become of those that follow
But my heart pleads
To leave them a place free to grow
Unchoked by these influences
These man-made influences
Masquerading evilly as so much more
Poisoning the minds of my young,
My young that follow.

I want free clean waters
I want us to figure out
Why anyone should ever suffer,
My young that follow
Should not be born with hate in their hearts
Should work for a cleaner tomorrow
Unhinge the thoughts of a paradise later
And work to make heaven
Here, today, now.
My young that follow.
We will level the floor for them
And let them build their own world.

So let us gnaw


8 thoughts on “Um, poem.

    1. LOL. like, stolen from somewhere, only not consciously. Like you know you read things and store them in your head and then you come up with an idea six months later and it turns out it was actually the same as that thing you read half a year ago but forgot about. Happens all the time. This probably isn’t plagiarised (its too crappy to be :P) but it feels that way.

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