Day 4 – Drop Dead Disco

Found this in the middle of my old pc journal the other day.  Probably intended to flesh out a story around the scene, but never got round to it.  But hey, it’ll do for a flash fic, I guess.

Words: 198

“Hey, Mair, you made it.” He laughed.  “I knew you would. Hey Sars, say hello.”

Maira watched as ‘Sars’ put another stick-thin arm protectively around Rohail’s neck, staring back at Maira with a cat’s slit-like eyes. Ignoring her, Maira spoke to Rohail.  “Need to talk to you, Ro.”

Rohail disengaged Sara.  He took a few steps, to come closer to her.  Leaning forward, to speak above the music…“What’s up, Mair?” that was when Maira plunged the knife up into his neck.

“What the…” Rohail started choking. Blood welled into his mouth, splashed onto his lips.  His hands went up to feel the knife, but before they could do anything he fell forward onto the girl.

“Hey what the fuck is going on?” said Sara, coming up when she saw Rohail fall forward.  “Get your dirty hands off him you little creep” she said to Maira, as Maira struggled under Rohail’s now dead weight.

“You keep him, Sars” laughed Maira and pushed the body onto the other girl.


It was hot inside the hall, but the outside air was calm and cool.  Sara’s screams were just beginning by the time Maira slipped out of the dance hall.

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