Okay, so here goes. The first story.  I don’t know what the moral here is, probably anything you want it to be, although I believe I had a vague idea of the government in mind.  If you don’t like it, I dunno. Don’t read the next one?

Word count: 404

The wise animals of the forest got together for a meeting.

There had been unrest among the forest folk of late.  There was a proposal at the meeting that a sort of court would be held every new moon in which the petty squabbles and quarrels of the forest folk would be discussed so that they could be put to rest forever.

But in order to do so, there would have to be a judge at the head of all the trials.  An argument broke out at the meeting about who the judge should be.

“I think Fox should be judge,” said Moose. “He is smart and sly, and his knowledge of ground politics in the forest is wider than most of us.”

“Fox cannot be judge.” Hooted Owl.  “The forest folk would never agree.  The rabbit and mice folk would say he was favouring the carnivores, since he isn’t averse to a little rabbit flesh himself once in a while. I think Badger should be judge.”

“Badger would be held in contempt.  He is a digger, and the feathered clan would hold him unable to understand their lofty issues.” Said Hare. “Moose would make a better judge.”

“Moose is a slow and big creature.  The smarter folk would never accept his decisions as wise,” snuffled Boar. “I say Owl should be judge.”

“But Owl is so far-seeing.  His reasons for decisions would never be understood by the simple forest folk.”

“I cannot see a solution to this.” Said Hare.  “We all of us have faults. Who then is to judge?”

There was silence in the circle of animals.

“Why can’t we all judge, as a group?” Owl finally spoke up.

“If we cannot agree to who is to judge, how will we agree on solutions to the forest folk’s squabbles?” said Fox.

“We must get past our personal prejudices and choose someone.” Said Boar definitely.

The deep voice of Moose answered. “We are all wise enough to be above our personal prejudices.  But the forest folk will never be above their own with regards to any one of us.”

“Then who is to judge?” Said Badger.

“No one.” Said Boar slowly. “Until the forest folk can get above their prejudices, any intervention on our part will simply be met with hostility.”

“But to leave them like that to their own fate…” said Owl gloomily.

There was silence in the circle of animals again.

12 thoughts on “Fable

    1. I like that ending better than the original. What will the jackals say? I imagine them like the little terrorists in that south park imaginationland episode, going allah! allah! and blowing themselves up.

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