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The Moderate Picture

6LA8 has a new album right here.

My guitar heroes (lol), Omer and Taimur, whom I am forever in awe of/proud of, have come up with some prettyy awesome stuff in their earlier album, In Wake of a Dying Nation, which, if you ever read anything on this blog, you would know was reviewed and appreciated by MTV, Brightest comic and yours truly.

The newer album is shorter than the three discs that made up the first one – a mere 14 songs.  And it differs on other points too.  In Wake Of was a wandering, experimental sort of album, with most of the songs making up in atmosphere what they lacked in bluntness.

But this album is more direct.  It hits you in the face.  It says, I am here. Listen to me, for I am the Moderate Picture.  I am a mirror to your extremist-liberalist torn world.  I am a torch on your simmering miserable consciences.  I am a bunch of fucking awesome tracks.

If you need a guide because you are too lazy to go through the whole thing, I loved Vice Versa, Celeplode, 260, Pretty and Allure. But laziness kills. I suggest you listen to the whole thing.

See you soon.

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