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Pharmacological Love

(Nerdy, I know. Anyway :P) You are my catecholamine, my darling catecholamine

You are the protamine to my overdose of heparin

You are my anti-emetic when I am nauseatic,

You are the Vitamin K when my life is bleeding away,

Because I love you and its so true

Unlike amiodarione you don’t make me blue,

My heartbeat flutters crazy when its you I see

Someone should really give me some quinidine IV,

You are my haloperidol when I am out of control

And you’re my dose of lithium when I am in delirium

When I am wheezing and breezing in pain

You’re the dose of beta-agonist that makes me all right again

And when I’m glum and down on glee

You’re the SSRI that never fails to cheer me

Oh the pain that you give me when you’re far away from me

Is one not even morphine can cure immediately

And not even several diazepams can make me go to sleep

When my infarcted heart is bleeding and is making me weep,

But on the whole we’re happy and its due to caffeine

And the cheery MAO blockers that we take like phenelzine

And our eternal love will never end its efficacy

Because we stick together with maximum affinity. 🙂


Originally published in AKUMEN 2010 😀

16 thoughts on “Pharmacological Love

    1. they;re concepts in pharma actually. affinity is how much a drug is attracted to its receptor, and efficacy is how well it works when attached to the receptor. hence the mention 😛

    1. I’m asking because I received a suspiciously similar poem for our college magazine and I suspect it may have been plagiarized from yours.

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