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Meet the Year 3 Family.

This was inspired by a conversation with a classmate.  She remarked that Internal Med sounded a good deal like Family Med’s older brother, and the rest of the idea spawned from that one statement…anyhoo, this was the result.  As soon as I got bored enough to want to mess around on Paint.

Without further ado, I present to you the third year family of rotations:

See you guys soon with a proper post 😛


9 thoughts on “Meet the Year 3 Family.

    1. i actually don’t know what our ortho people are like, but my classmate said the rotation was like a fat cheeky uncle always telling lame jokes at parties, so i drew him like that 😛 i don’t know why she thought that.

      The surgery dude is meant to be the coolest 😀 didn’t you notice the hot-car keys?

    1. Haha! My rotation was so cool :D. I loved ortho though before that every time someone would talk about Orthopaeds, Dr. Torres from Grey’s Anatomy would directly come to my mind and I don’t really like her too much.

      Haha! Surgery dude is the coolest, yea!! But Internal Medicine is still ❤ ❤ <3.

  1. Wow ! Picture Perfect year three 😉
    Good quick riddance 🙂
    thumbs up at surgery dude ❤ !
    Why ENT man is so very grumped up ? Looks like he is warning me 😀 Fourth year..i'm scared already 😛

    1. wajjjjjjj! haha hello sister-doctor! Thank you thank you. ENT man is grumpy because AKU ENT faculty are grumpy and the rotation is a grumpy one. 😛 i hope fourth year goes well for you tho! don’t be scared!
      And I miss you guys!

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