Random · Weirdness

siphon, transform, channel.


problem. that feeling.  of frustration tingling in your every pore.  of emptiness that will last across decades. of desire pointless and seeping. of bottled jealousy and hurt.

siphon. draw out the problem. mould it in your hands without looking at it, without seeing it.  collect it in your palms. ethereal, weightless, strong.

change. turn it into anger, the strongest of emotions.  turn it into tears.  turn it into fury.  burn.

channel. channel it into dance.  hard strokes, long furious slashing movements and spins which don’t end.  in the movement of muscles anger flows.  channel it, the fury, the tears and the burning.  end up panting on the floor. sweat-covered. smiling. calm.

channel it into writing.  tear-smeared page. sloppy barely-legible letters. but page on page of channeled rage and injustice.  In the play of words, in the decisive use of each adjective, each expression.  anger spent, tears wash themselves out. hours pass.  reread and a flicker of the rage is caught. a wisp of ash. burnt out.

channel it into work.  fashion it into long strings that can be nibbled while plunging into book after book.  the fuel burns slowly, but constructively.  light and heat and for longer. the numbmness serves for dumbing down.  the results are best in this one.


siphon. transform. channel.


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