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AKUMEN and New Year’s

Happy news!

The yearly magazine for our university, AKUMEN, came out today…and yes, you’ve guessed it, yours truly is in print, and with not one or two but five separate pieces in it!  Yup. Three poems and two pieces. Considering only one of the pieces was written specifically for the mag and the rest I sent in for fun (and because they were just lying around in my laptop, eating kilobytes) I am more surprised than pleased.  And also slightly doubtful about whether all of it was worth publishing in the first place.  Well, the editors evidently thought it was.  So I suppose its all good 😀  I’ll be posting them up here too from time to time so the world can read them too XD

Other than that, its the end of a long, long year that passed like a tsunami in its speed and destruction.  Getting through the second year professional exams, the long summer cutting up rabbits and reading, the beginning of third year and acclimatising to rotations and patients, facing death and disease from close-up …a.p. and 6LA8, tons of close cousins getting married (plus two having babies!), losing confidence and friends and breaking up and then slowly getting back together strength and smiles and self-belief… its been weird, funky, tearful and hilarious.  I’m glad its over, but I’m glad it was the way it was too – eventful and rather unforgettable. And I hope the next one’s good too.

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a Happy New Year.  🙂


See you soon.

15 thoughts on “AKUMEN and New Year’s

      1. hehe. it compensated for missing sending stuff into the first AKUMEN last year, that made me so sad. And I beat you, yay!

        A.p. get better na. Kya tum bhi, can’t fight off one measly little bemaari :P. neway I hope you get well soon :/

  1. Congrats on the achievement. AKU eh. I have been there twice 2008 and 2009. Beautiful place to be honest. One of my friends was studying there. She was ur senior back then. Sarah Samreen. Anyways best of luck

    1. Thank you! yes, it is a rather beautiful place, though it always makes me feel slightly sad too. But I love it.

      And I will keep an eye out for a Sarah Samreen too 😀 if she’s still around.

        1. Congrats to her! 🙂 I don’t think the food is that bad actually, I like it a lot. But my hostel friends say that’s because I don’t have to eat it every day, day in, day out. They get tired of the taste.

          And you remember the allu keema from over two years ago? Thats funny 😀

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