The 25 Random Things thing

A light post, for once.  Transplanted here, right from off facebook.  Funny how almost all of us subscribe to the trends sooner or later.

Anyway. I enjoyed writing this when I wrote it, and I’ve brought it here to save it  :


The 25 random things thing

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

Hahaa, I can’t believe I’m doing this, its so narcissistic.


1. When I was in class 8 I used to collect dust. I think I was slightly mad back then. Sometimes I think I still am.

2. Buying new stationery makes me happy, as happy as new shoes make some women happy. Its my version of retail therapy. I love pens, pencils, registers, ink.

3. I cant stand kids, most of the time.

4. At some point in life I want to host a cooking show. This has been my dream since I was about 7.

5. I love crows. I think they’re gutsy and funky and smart. I would like to be a crow in my next incarnation. (I hate pigeons)

6. I don’t actually want to be a doctor. I just wanted to go to AKU. My fav sub is actually math.

7. In the past 2 yrs I’ve changed about 3 religions (muslim to deist to agnostic to discordian). I’m currently back to diet muslim.

8. I sometimes wish I was a guy. But I don’t act tomboyish, because thats silly. You’re a girl, stick with it, tough luck. But I can swear better than some of them.

9. I love writing. I think if someday I lost the ability to write I would die.

10. I’ve always wanted to smoke and do drugs at some point in my life. I am halfway to achieving that aim. 😀

11. I listen to metal. When I started listening, I wondered what the fck I’d been doing for the past years I didn’t listen to it.

12. I often wish I was God. Just so I could know the innate experiences of every being thats ever lived, and the answers to all the questions. I think that would be cool.

13. I am a net freak. Half my closest friends are online. I cannot live 48 hours without net.

14. I have surprisingly few morals or inhibitions. I look middle class mentality but…well in theory at least there is very little that shocks or disturbs me (which is why I get and laugh at most perverted jokes too).

15. I weigh twice what some girls in my class weigh. I am perfectly serious, not proud of the fact, and working to change it.

16. I have serious issues with asking people for favours. I won’t ask even close friends for favours unless I’m desperate – and reluctantly even then. I’m very independent.

17. The majority of my school life I have travelled in school coaches, vans or buses. Surprisingly, I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve had great times on the bus.

18. I have changed 9 different schools during the course of my educational career. AKU will be the 10th. 7 of them have been in england.

19. I am 5 feet 11 inchs. I often spend sleepless nights calculating the odds of finding a guy I like who’s taller than me. They are not very high.

20. I am incredibly narcissistic, which is why this fb thing appeals to me. I also have a large ego, which I try my best to suppress.

21. I don’t actually have many close friends. Currently I have about one (love you, jav). I believe its due to my inability to closely relate to anyone.

22. Suddenly hearing any song from between 99 and 2001 from the brit pop list will cause me to spontneously burst into loud tears. I once spent half an hour crying and laughing while listening to Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me. (not an emotional song, I assure you).

23. I have enough quirks to drive most humans crazy. Like I can’t drink coffee or tea without the spoon in the cup.

24. I write things on the back of my left hand to keep from forgetting them. By the end of some days my left hand looks like an inky messageboard from hell. If I wash it, I forget everything.

25. I think Death is the most ultimate Truth in life.

24 thoughts on “The 25 Random Things thing

  1. Heh, i used to eat dust till primary school. they pretty tasty you know, kinda like salt and cookie crumbs. bakery kei biscuit jaise…

    i love getting stationary too. i keep them packed for a while too, like ornaments…

    1. I never ate dust, just collected it. I used to eat paper though 😀

      Hain na? New stationary is so cool. Especially new pages – they’re so intriguing. Clean and fresh. I can’t help wondering what they’re going to be filled up with.

    1. I remember. You called it pachees cheezein and one of them was that you listened to ricky martin. XD

      The way you lose things is sacrilege though. I’m going to start chronicling your stuff too from now on.

  2. I love stationery, stationary, however the fuck its spelt. i have soooo many faltu notebooks that I refuse to use on the grounds that they’re just so pretty! 😀 Also, I love number 14. That right there my friend is why you and I get along so well together. A complete lack of morals(more or less). 😀

    Incidentally, you’re in AKU?! I hate you!

      1. Only if you aren’t religious man,cause if you are, you just keep feeling bad for not being a good person all the time. Thus, I embrace being irreligious. 😀

        Sob. I wanna be a med student and be surrounded by cute male med students! (Cute male med students are an obsession of mine. :D)

        1. They are overrated. When you get close to them they all smell the same, of pyodine and hand sanitizer, and they have the same clean shaved, neatly cut appearance thats supposed attractive but coupled with bags-under-the-eyes and an over-detached demeanour.

          Give me a messy art student over them any day, darlin’. Even an engineer would do, just less scrupulously sterilised than some of my classmates.

        1. yep. i know morals aren’t high on your list samana 😀 you’re like me, we have detached, highbrow, observing demeanours. Morality is just so beneath us 😛

          and yes! cute male med students! do you know the species? Our phase threes do have some examples of it, i have to admit. 😛

    1. Hehe. Its true! They’re so chaalaak and pretty, I admire how they don’t give a shit even about humans and are so capable of taking care of themselves.

      While a week doesn’t go by without me coming across some cat chewing up a tasty dumb pigeon.

  3. Chalaak indeed! Have you been to Murree when it snows? I always used to wonder how beautifully the jet black crows contrast against that pristine snow and that both sort of complement each other.

    BTW, completely off topic here – what is wrong with the author of “Under the knife” on ET? :S

    1. I’ve never been to Murree. But that sounds so pretty ^_^ I wish I’d seen it.

      And the Under the Knife girl? I dunno :S first she questions my medical-studentness, then she argues about something she obviously doesn’t know enough about, and now she indirectly hints that I’ve been obstinate in correcting her.

      Some people don’t take too kindly to correction I guess. :/

        1. Oh you should totally check Murree/Nathiagali out in winters.

          Right you are about people “hating” it when someone corrects them.

          The post didn’t make any sense at all. I lost interest half-way through. Well, never mind. ET is going bonkers anyway or some part of it. Hee Hee.

  4. collecting dust hmmm tinker bell haha

    I love the smell of fresh paper. It is very exciting to write on a new notebook for the first time with a fountain pen. Sadly my writing is not worth the pearls. I did get a brown leather clad antique looking notebook from Cheryl on my 25th birthday and it is magnificent. I have not written anything on it yet.

    Crows … hmmm fascinating

    5′ 11″ …. you are half an inch taller than me. Must be very empowering to tower above all 😛 The mighty YOU! lol

    Do you smoke a specific brand? Can you explain the pleasure you get from doing so …If any ?? :p

    AKU is worth getting into and i am not talking from the academics point of view 😀

    1. tinkerbell just committed suicide at that comparison 😛

      It Is nice to be tall, except when I get spotted by the lecturer when talking,or I hit my head on the Operation theatre lights or low doorframes, or when I trip over my own big feet. In other words, its a mixed blessing 😛

      I don’t smoke habitually, and usually will smoke anything i can get my hands on when I do. And the pleasure is wholly psychological, but I like their calming effect. 😛

      What other point of view did you mean? 😛 I like it for the academics and the campus. 🙂 Cute-guys-wise it has been slightly deficient 😦

  5. lol @ suicide…. being the peter pan i am the comparison was justified 😛

    well being a doc no point telling u how bad smoking is 😛 lol or should I ? ….

    I like the campus, Especially the green grounds….since Karachi is at loss when it comes to greenery. The gym is very state of the art. The lake (which i used to refer as pond much to the disliking of sarah samreen ) and the ducks… not to forget allu keema of the hostel mess :P…and the famous Hali pad with the long stairs to it.

    I think i did not see many guys who would qualify as cute which was strange…. why exactly is that ?? Back luck perhaps hahahaha

    1. No point at all. I know all the disadvantages inside out 😛

      Yep the campus is nice. Its pretty and its well maintained, though a bit small …you’ve pointed out most of the rest of the salient features 🙂 And I think they pick people for other reasons than simply good looks, hence the lack of cute guys 😛

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