The Goddesses – 1 – Amikatinaya

The Goddess of Flaming Love

Also known as Amikatinaya, this Goddess is the Goddess of Flaming Love.  She wields power in the decisions taken by the deep realms in the hearts of men, and much havoc in the hearts of these mortals she has caused and continues to cause, so far as the myth goes.  For Amikatinaya has a heart more inclined to malice than good, and the tale of her own crushed passions may indicate the reason why she uses her power over mortals in a more negative way than the Good Goddesses.  Of origin she was among the latter, but the passage of Time after her episodical tragedy caused her heart to turn bitter, and she is accounted by the mythologies to be one of the two Dark Goddesses of the sisterhood.

Her tale of tragic passions and the misery she suffered has been recovered in very brief notes, for the scholars of the mythology were in part believers of the legends themselves, and few desired to incur the wrath of the Goddess by citing the legend.  But much I have uncovered from the scripts of the bolder scholars, the same scripts from which I derived the names of Amikatinaya and the other Goddesses, and their legends.  For an essential segment of their faith was due respect to all Gods and Goddesses, and as a result of this few used their real names, and even fewer dared to write these down, or to include in their plentiful praises of the Goddesses any written details as to their legends.  But as far as I have deciphered the heart of Amikatinaya turned bitter after an incident with a mortal.  Amikatinaya in the origin of her existence was far, far more beautiful than all of the Goddesses, and it was therefore compulsory that all of the Gods and indeed, the whole of mankind lay at her feet, for her beauty was great, and so was her pride.

Amikatinaya, as was the custom of Gods and Goddesses, often descended to the Earth in mortal form, so that she could exert her control better on the lands and ensure her power was still effective.  It was on these visits, according to the scripts, that she met a handsome man, whose name even the boldest scriptwriters have not mentioned, since it was banished from the utterance of the follower of the goddess, and not even the bravest dare utter it.  The man was handsome and valiant, and was of a royal bloodline, yet despite the preference Amikatinaya showed him, her pride caused her to keep him at a distance, for she was immortal, and he not.  Yet the man was overcome with the beauty of Amikatinaya, and not knowing her identity, he fell in love with her, and in many graceful words asked for her hand in marriage.  All to no avail! For the pride in Amikatinaya’s heart was at once stirred, and even though she knew well he knew not of her true identity, her pride burst into flame at his daring.  She revealed her true form, and at once smote him, so he fell down dead, never to return.  It is believed by the scriptwriters that the former act would have been enough to destroy the man, for the power unveiled when a Goddess is in true form is too much for human eyes to see, and human mind to intake.  In any case she killed the only being, mortal or immortal, for whom she felt any love, and though for many an age her pride kept at bay any hints of remorse for her action, soon its insidious influence crept into her heart, and she wept bitter tears for the act she has committed in the mad frenzy of her pride, and for the man she had killed, who was mortal but whom she had loved.

As it was, the burden of remorse turned to bitterness and she began to wield her considerable power in the negative; and caused and is causing havoc in the lives of the poor mortals who are smitten or infatuated.  The followers of the Goddesses believe that the evil acts, sometimes even murders, that are committed on Earth in the name of love, or obsessive infatuation, are influenced by Amikatinaya and she alone is responsible for them.  For it is believed that when she has enough broken hearts burning in the fiery abode she has created for her residence, her evil tendency will fade and she shall become the neutral Goddess of Love that she was before.  ‘Til then, she continues to wreak havoc, even among the Gods, as she cannot bear to see true love take fruit, when her own tree was withered by her own hand.

According to the scripts, Amikatinaya’s appearance is paler and more haunted than the beauty she was renowned for in her origin.  Her body is as slender and gentle as all the Goddesses’, and she caries in one hand a crushed heart, which the scriptwriters believe is her own.  She is surrounded constantly by a ring of flames that do not leave her wherever she may travel in the skies.  As of travelling on the Earth, the scriptwriters clearly mention, even those who do not recount the original legend, that for many an era she has not put foot upon the ground of the Earth.


5 thoughts on “The Goddesses – 1 – Amikatinaya

  1. i like the flames. they’re really flamey…

    that is some evil pride. i think it was more due to her being insecure and her own feeligs for a mere mortal.

    his name was Abajuripurana

    1. I thought the flames looked like cornflakes, actually. And once I got that idea in my head I couldn’t get it out. Now they’ll always look like cornflakes to me 😦

      yeah. i really like her. I think its how I would’ve reacted in the situation too.

      Abajuripurana? hahahaahahaha. that took me some time to work out. ROFL. I didn’t notice the name could be split like that.

      Anyway. May the cornflake-flames descend on you for making fun of it 😛

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