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The Goddesses – Intro

When I was in class 10, I wrote a short mythology based on a series of (crappy) sketches that I made of four women.  It was the the product of boredom and an unwillingness to devote to Pak Studies, and I never managed to complete it.

Last night, with a load of clay and a lot of time on my hands, I was trying to think of something to make when I hit on reconstructing the Goddesses of my mythology, one by one, over the next few weeks.  An ambitious project I will probably never get round to completing- however, I did make one that night : Amikatinaya, the first of the four and my favourite.

Since she isn’t complete yet, I’m posting the intro to the goddesses first.  The goddesses, as and if they are constructed, will follow.

Anyway, so here goes:


The Goddesses



Whispers to me,

“You’re beautiful.”

But I know it lies.

In truth I am not beautiful,

In truth I am Divine.



A Brief History of the Goddesses

As in all mythologies, the Goddesses are numerous, as are the Gods of this series of myths, and hence it can be said that the mythology pertaining to the description of these deities as I am transcribing now, is no different from earlier ones.  But mythology is mythology, and all gods are myths, wholly dependent on faith, and hence these may exist or may not, just as the Greek or Roman gods may or may not have, and the deities forming the backbone of modern-day faiths may or may not exist.  The documents ensuing are not comments on faith; they are descriptions of the Goddesses of this mythology.

As it has been said, the goddesses were numerous, but the four here roughly sketched and of whom I have included brief histories in the following pages for the curious scholar, were the most powerful of all the number.  The four formed a influential sisterhood, and it was upon them that the major decisions of the world rested, and the fate of man and his actions so far as those limited to the ones controlled by his emotions and subconscious, were in their hands.  Their control, therefore, was deeper than the Gods, for apart from their own powers they held a certain mastery on the Gods themselves, and could bend them to their will.  Hence my narrative is centered on these four deities only, and this bias is no means without reason, when seen in the light of what power these Goddesses held.


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