of limitless music and unending sunshine

I have the dazy, floating feeling you get when life is good these days.

There was a time when feeling like this would scare the shit out of me.  My reasoning went as such: If I’m feeling good now, its because something terrible is going to happen, as a result of which I will feel terrible later.  Sort of to balance it out.

Yep. I was crazy then.  I still am, as a matter of fact.

But returning to happytimes again.  I currently have TWO music-related things making my life really good.

The first is The Decemberists and their music.  I have only just discovered them (though they’ve been around since 2001, imagine), and they’ve stolen my heart – well, if there was any of it left after tool, trent reznor, slowdive and mogwai progressively demolished it. They’re good music.  Different from the stuff I usually listen to, with a much more pop style as far as music goes and a more happy rock atmosphere.   But they do have points that make them unique, like their narrative, story-telling lyrics and some very grim and some very soft songs.

Current favourites, spanning songs I’ve checked out completely randomly on youtube:

  • July, July
  • O, Valencia! (funky video too)
  • Sons and Daughters
  • The Rake’s Song
  • We Both Go Down Together

Not in that order.

THE OTHER thing making me happy is my friend a.p.’s lovely lovely moosic. A.p. (known to common mortals as Taimur Mazhar) is part of 6LA8 whom you prolly haven’t heard of WHICH IS WHY you are not as happy as I am!  A.p. used to make dark depressing music under the something-nym Bigotry, but is now teamed up with a friend and making lovely-sad and sleepy-happy music, which you can listen to at the link above, or this link below if you are too much of a prat to search out the one above and need signposts for everything.

Listen to if you like free music, if you like instrumental music, if you like experimental music, or if you love me  ^_^ Songs are being continually added, so keep checking.

My personal favourite yet is Masking Delight on Our Heavy Unforgiving Hearts, which is like port royal in its sleepy loveliness.^_^

ALSO current reads include the english translation of Cousin Bette, which is pretty fantastic.  Balzac was pretty funky, apparently.  Have you noticed how all the non-english-writing authors all have a stronger flavour and a more action-filled, emotionally-charged prose than English writers?  I noticed that with Dostoevsky, and again in Anna Karenina with Tolstoy.  Balzac is the same – all his characters have unplumbed depths of loyalty or hatred or love and do drastic, deeply evil/good actions now and then.  It’s a break from the prudish coldness of the english authors, I must say.

AND what else.  The sun is shining, my ENT rotation is done with, Radiology is chill and the doctors are all sweethearts, and I have time enough to read And listen to music And talk to my friends.  Life, in other words, is Good 😀

2 thoughts on “of limitless music and unending sunshine

  1. Thank you!

    And I agree with the non-English writers having emotionally deeper characters.

    But there is a quaint charm to the English ones. Their intentional sophistication(?) make for a nice hazy beside the chimney rooftop view type stories.

    The Decemberists though …no.

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