fat girls

I love what the photographer has done with these women.  They are all beautiful, with beautiful faces and big bodies.

The thin fad is so ingrained, it makes me both angry and sad.  That’s probably because I’m overweight. It makes me angry because I loathe being  judged on my size, and that too judged negatively.  There are so many stereotypes about fat people – people just assume they eat a lot and are lazy and don’t exercise.  I work out twice a week, I walk more than most people and I eat a healthy diet.  And I know lots of ‘fat’ people that do the same.  Why stereotype?

It makes me sad because I often get caught up in the weight thing too, and end up torturing myself with diets and strenuous exercise just to counter to an ideal that is stupid in the first place.  Excessively thin is just as unhealthy as excessively fat.  And don’t you think something is wrong when just body size is the reason why you say the hottie down there is not beautiful?

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