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submission and the call of the Self

There is the Self, and there is submission and non-submission.  Everything in the world is a choice between submission-and-humiliation or submission-subjugation, and the choice of the Self.  Whenever you are forced to make a decision, you are being forced to choose between submission and non-submission.  The calls of duty, of nature, of society are calls to submission – the call of the Self is the call for non-submission.  The call of the Self is doing what you want.

When you stop to choose the call of the Self and you set yourself up for non-submission, you are breaking every law known to mankind.  You are also being selfish.  Any non-submissive act is by its nature selfish.  You are following the Self, and that is all that matters.  There is no middle way, there is only submission or non-submission.  Submission to Self is non-submission to the rest of the world.

Any free act is by its nature selfish, that is, submissive to the Self and non-submissive to the rest of the world.  Free acts are acts that are not forced by society’s laws or calls to duty or nature.  All free acts are acts of the Self.

Love alters the idea of Self, and not the system of submission and non-submission.  Love causes identification of the Self to extend to the person involved.  Thus the Self includes the person that would normally be included in non-Self.  Any free act seemingly benefiting the person or persons in question but seemingly not the Self is still an act of non-submission, because the Self has been redefined to include the person or persons in question.  For someone who loves all of humanity, they will think of all of humanity as the Self, and the call of Self will be non-submission to any decision that does not benefit this extended redefinition of Self.

Thus all free acts are selfish in nature, even if they benefit more than the seeming idea of Self, because in these cases the Love factor extends Self beyond the normal idea.  Nonetheless the act is still non-submission and still selfish.  No free act is ever a result of submission.  Only forced acts are results of submission.  No act of Self is ever a result of submission.  Non-submission never results in a forced act.

My head hurts.  I have been reading too much Robert Anton Wilson.


One thought on “submission and the call of the Self

  1. my head is spinning after reading so much about submission and non submission 😛 lol …. I think its fun not submitting to others when you are expected to.

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