So I thought why not start with an album review? Not that this is a review.  Merely a collection of my opinions.

I’ve listened to the last three or so albums of Massive Attack, starting with Mezzanine and going on to 100th Window.  I would’ve gone backwards to Blue lines, had Heligoland not been released and consequently distracted my attention.

To those of you that, like me, loved Mezzanine and were disappointed by 100th Window – you will like Heligoland.  While it doesn’t have the same dark depressing music as their former album, it is still an improvement on the cold white etherealness that was 100th Window. Not only does the album have several excellent individual songs, overall too its a worthwhile listen.

Although my ‘currently favourite’ song depends heavily on my mood, some notable ones  from the album you shouldn’t miss are:

  • Paradise Circus – beautiful song.
  • Babel – I love the beat and Martina’s voice combined in this.  Its as edgy and enticing as Paradise Circus is beautiful and languid.
  • Saturday come Slow – slow and sweet and tragic.

6 thoughts on “Heligoland.

    1. I didn’t like Atlas Air and Rush Minute as much actually. Atlas air was good, but on a later listen I liked Pray for Rain and Psycho best. Martina topley-bird is like the hots – she has a voice like purple leather with brass buttons.

      Paradise Circus tou hai na!

  1. massive attack lol reminded me of my year 17 when i experimented a bit with music and tried metal for a change. I soon realized it wasn’t my thing. The name “massive attack” though brought back some interesting memories 😀

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